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Common Roofing Issues and How To Prevent Them in Florida

common roofing Issues Over years of Florida sun exposure, seasonal storms and general wear from the elements, even durable roofing systems inevitably develop problems. Issues left unaddressed risk accelerating deterioration and water infiltration leading to very costly repairs down the road.

Common Roofing Issues

By recognizing and rectifying common roofing Issues deficiencies early through preventative maintenance and minor fixes, you safeguard home integrity and extend the lifespan of your roofing investment.

Review some of the most widespread roofing issues Florida homeowners face, along with smart prevention strategies:

Blistering Paint/Coatings

As metal or other coated roofs expand under our heat and UV exposure, bubbled paint that looks like blisters emerges. Fortunately catching this early allows for simple power washing, paint scraping/touch-ups to restore protection versus full redo’s after extensive spreading.

Prevention: Schedule biannual power washing for coated metal roofs to prevent paint blistering long-term.

Moss/Mildew Growth

Wet weather and humidity breed moss, mildew and algae accumulation if not properly controlled through ridge ventilation and sunlight exposure. Give growths routes under shingles accelerating deterioration.

Prevention: Improve attic ventilation paths. Trim back trees/branches to enhance roof sunlight. Apply zinc strips along vulnerable ridge and edge areas to inhibit growths without damaging shingles or metal roofing.

Wind Storm Damage

Tropical storms spawn heavy rainfall, flying debris and fierce winds that can tear away shingles or critically damage roof structures. Unaddressed openings then allow cascading interior water damage.

Prevention: Pre-storm, clear your common roofing Issues and gutters of loose branches/debris that cause tearing. Post-storm, do a thorough roof inspection for missing shingles, exposed nail heads, or compromised flashings that require prompt repair. Consider impact-resistant shingle upgrades that withstand hurricane forces when reroofing.

Ice Dams

As rising heat from improperly ventilated attics melts the underside of snow on your roof, refreezing along the roof edge causes trapped meltwater to back up under shingles allowing leaks through the decking into walls/ceilings below.

Prevention: Maintain clear ice/water shields along vulnerable overhangs and improve attic airflow preventing heat buildup. Temporary seamless gutter heat trace cables also combat ice dams until issues get corrected.

Failing Skylights

Plastic and glass skylights lose flexibility and fracture over years of Florida’s intense UV rays and heat cycles. This allows water intrusion or complete breakage during storms.

Prevention: Plan to replace aging plastic skylights after 10-15 years with newer impact and heat-resistant glass models that cut cooling costs. Also re-caulk skylight frames routinely to maintain watertight seals as caulk shrinks.

Trust Top Builder Roofing’s Years of Roof Damage Assessment Experience

Don’t let common roof problems spiral into structural emergencies through neglect. Our inspection team recognizes all deficiency warning signs – both obvious and subtle – across all roofing material types. We provide rapid response to damage reports, experienced mitigation to stop leaks, and licensed repair/replacement services to endure your home stays protected in Florida weather extremes for decades to come.

Common Roofing

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