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Providing Exceptional Service in Central Florida

We have taken all of our experience to assure you are 100% satisfied and your home is protected from the predictable and at times unpredictable Florida weather.

Roof Replacements

Your roof is by far the home's main defense against the elements. Let us walk you through the roofing options to fit your needs, we install shingle, metal, flat and tile roofing systems. Once you feel comfortable with your choice, we'll handle the rest!

Reliable Upgrades

Book a free consultation to discuss the different types of roofing compositions and environmentally friendly options! We even offer vent upgrades for better ventilation in throughout your attic space.

Upkeep & Repair

Take care of your roof the way you take care of your vehicle. Your roof needs periodic inspections and even preventive maintenance. Ignoring small problems for too long can cause major headaches down the road.

Emergency Repairs Orlando Roofing Services

If your roof has suddenly sustained roof damage, don’t wait until it gets worse! At Top Builder Roofing, we offer expert emergency roof repairs to ensure your roofing system is up and running in no time at all. Even if nothing looks wrong, it’s still a good idea to contact a roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect your roof. Remember, not all roofing issues are immediately visible, especially to the untrained eye.

Emergency Tarping, Works With Insurance

While you wait for Top Builder Roofing for professional roof repairs, emergency roof tarping is a temporary solution to cover the damaged part of your roofing system. This way, you can protect your interior from outdoor elements such as high winds, rainfall, and debris. In the event of storm damage or unexpected issues, our reliable roofers are more than happy to install emergency tarping for your roof.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are the unsung heroes of your home and foundation. They divert water away from your property and prevent leaks and mold growth. If you’re thinking of replacing your old or damaged gutters, trust Top Builder Roofing for successful results. With our top-quality gutter installation services, you can protect your home from significant water damage.

New Construction Roofing

When building a new home, look no further than Top Builder Roofing for first-rate new construction Orlando Roofing Services. We have a wide range of roofing options, including shingle, metal, flat, and tile roofing systems. Our goal is to install your new roof properly to ensure it can withstand harsh weather events for years to come. With a well-installed roof, you can improve your home’s curb appeal while also protecting your loved ones from the elements.

Why Choose Top Builder Roofing?

We brought together the best in the business to provide exceptional service and professionalism. Here are just a few of the reasons why our customers chose us:

By far one of the best roofing companies in the area. I have multiple homes and have had numerous roofing projects in the past and have to say – Top Builder Roofing was responsive, transparent and very friendly! Thumbs up!!

– Heriberto Acevedo

Great people to work with, excellent service! Couldn’t ask for more professional people. Christopher Saillant

– Christopher Saillant


Loved & trusted by tons of happy customers!

Top Builder Roofing did a roof in one of our properties and it came out perfect. I recommend them any time I can. This company is professional, very responsive, and they keep their promises.

– Julio Sanchez

Amazing Service - thank you for the speedy turnaround.

– Dego Torres

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