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\Affordable and Reliable: The Best Emergency Roof Inspection in Florida

At Top Builder Roofing, your trust means everything to us. We recognize the gravity of looking after your most significant investment, your home. We strive for perfection, treating your home as our own! If you're searching for a roofing inspector near Florida, Orlando, you've come to the right place.

What You Can Expect by Choosing Our Roof Inspection Services:


We stand by our promises for your home improvement project from beginning to end.


Rest assured in our knowledge and proficiency when it's time for your roof inspection in Florida.

Swift Service

Count on us to do it promptly. Complete your inspection without delay.


Feel secure that your home will be well cared for once the job's done. Giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Why Choose Our Top Builder Roofing Inspection Services?

So feel free to contact Top Builder Roofing if you need an effective and enjoyable roof inspection in Florida. We’ll bring both expertise and peace of mind.

Our Simple Florida Roof Inspection Services Process

❖ Step One: Inspection

Schedule an appointment with one of our roofing experts to assess your property. They'll make time for you promptly because we value your time. Following the inspection, you will be informed about the condition of your roof.

❖ Step Two: Assessment and Options Available

Based on the inspector's assessment, you will receive recommendations on addressing any issues. We can also assist with insurance-related matters. Customize your roof all the way down to the color—that's something we'll take care of.

❖ Step Three: Completion

Whether it's a repair or a complete replacement, you can be confident it will be done correctly. Our roofing experts will complete your project, and a final walkthrough will assess the job; well done!

Our Best Professional Roof Inspection Services Orlando

Are you concerned about issues lurking on your roof? Fear not. With our expert roof inspection services in Orlando, we can unveil the mysteries above you!

Physical Damage

Roofs face threats from storms and the elements. Our team will carefully inspect every inch to check for any signs of damage. We'll thoroughly examine each shingle!

Attic Inspection

This space is often overlooked, but not by us! Our experts will investigate it to ensure everything is in working order and has proper ventilation.

Structural Integrity

Is your roof sagging? It might be time for an inspection! Our team will verify that your roof structure is solid and reliable. There is no room for slacking off!

Roof Leaks

We often aim to catch a roof leak before you know it's there. If you find you already have a roof leak, we will identify them and repair them before your lounge turns into a swimming pool.

Drainage and Gutters

Are leaves causing blockages in your gutters? Not on our watch! We'll ensure your drains and gutters are clear of obstacles. Say goodbye to the fear of a failing gutter system!


Skylights brighten up your home! Our inspection team will guarantee that your skylights keep the rain out and let the sunshine in.

Social Proof

By far one of the best roofing companies in the area. I have multiple homes and have had numerous roofing projects in the past and have to say – Top Builder Roofing was responsive, transparent and very friendly! Thumbs up!!

– Heriberto Acevedo


Loved & trusted by tons of happy customers!

Great experience with Top Builder Roofing LLC. We had a roof leak which can be hard to track down the source location. He came out and made a repair but we still experienced a small leak after the next storm. He returned quickly and performed additional work which has taken care of the problem. Would definitely recommend this company.

– Scott Finley

The owner Dave came out and gave me a great estimate, beating all others that I had received previously, Dave’s personality was key because he had way about him that seem familiar with me. He looks you in the eye and he tells you exactly what you need done exactly when he can do it, and how it will be done.

– Michael Kapica

What can you expect from us as Orlando, Florida's best roof inspection company?

As the leading Orlando roof inspectors, we offer thorough roof inspections with a smile. Our experts check for damage, leaks, and wear, ensuring your roof stays in great shape. We communicate, act promptly, and keep the process as smooth as a Florida orange. Roof troubles? Not on our watch! Expect top-notch service and excellent customer service to brighten your day.


Frequently Asked Questions on Roof Inspection Services

To catch problems early and save money on repairs.

Before buying a house, after storms, or if your roof is old.

Leaks, missing shingles, ventilation issues, and overall condition.

At Top Builder Roofing our inspections are always complimentary.

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